The Russian tea collection “Kaporsky” in bags for a teapot

The Russian tea collection “Kaporsky” contains 7 different types of high permanent quality, with preportioned packaging for a tea cup and for a teapot, with an attractive design.

A variety of traditional receipts and an usage of modern production equipment made each herbal tea of the collection “Kaporsky” unique, with its exceptional flavor and aroma.

The Russian tea collection “Kaporsky” is not only a tasty beverage but a very healthy drink.

EPILOBIUM ANGUSTIFOLIUM contains tannins (up to 20%) , phenolic compounds, flavonoids,polysaccharide, possesses astringent as well as demulcent properties, contains protein in digestible form.

You can drink any herbal tea from the collection “Kaporsky” daily, any time both cold and hot. Russian tea is an excellent natural source of Wellbeing

What most people like about every day tea (Camellia sinensis), whether black or green, is that it is mildly astringent thanks to it’s tannin content. Russian tea containing tannin will be attractive to fans of ‘normal’ tea as it is very much like black or green tea, depending on the variety.

Caffeine free!